This tofu press is a deluxe 4-spring model.

If you found your way here, you are most likely a vegan or vegetarian and understand the problems of pressing and draining tofu. We had the same problem for years and finally decided to make use of our engineering background and figure out a simple way to press tofu. After testing many products and experimenting with various devices we engineered what we think is the best, simplest, and easiest to use tofu presser. The SuperTofu Press simply squeezes the tofu by pressing down the top plate with springs and adjustable threaded knobs. The result is beautifully pressed tofu, ready to marinate and saute or stir-fry, or use in your favorite tofu recipes.

Quality Construction

Super Tofu PressThe top springs of the Super Tofu Press will push down on the tofu with up to 50 pounds of pressure per square inch. You can adjust the pressure of the Super Tofu Press by simply turning the knobs to the spring tension that suits you. The more you screw down the knobs, the more pressure is exerted and the quicker the water will leave the tofu. No need for different springs, you can adjust the spring pressure easily with the threaded knobs. The Tofu Press is SIMPLE. The two plastic plates are USDA food grade, non-absorbent, non-porous polyethylene material. All nuts, bolts, washers and springs are food grade stainless steel. The Super Tofu Press is hand made in our shop in the USA and we guarantee our work.

Our Guarantee

The Super Tofu Press is Unconditionally Guaranteed for 60 days. If you are not satisfied for any reason just send it back in good condition, for a full refund, less shipping cost.


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