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We may refuse selling or shipping specific items to international destinations

Please look for this icon on the left for orders outside the USA. Do not use the Amazon link for orders outside the USA, you must use this link which will direct your purchase to GlobaShopEx.com

We do our best to identify all of the items that are covered by the policy, as well as the items exempt from the policy. In the event we fail to designate an item properly, please note that the result will be the same and is at our discretion to modify any order as necessary. The items will be cancelled from the order and only the allowed items will be shipped. We may try to contact you in the event this is necessary, but reserve the right to ship your order “AS-IS”, without the restricted products and without notification. Placing any of these prohibited items in your shopping cart may result in a delay of the shipment of your order and all non-qualifying items will be cancelled without any notification, removed items will be refunded, shipping will be adjusted, and your order shipped incomplete. Your credit card is automatically charged for each item ordered, however, it usually takes longer for the bank to issue a credit back to your card than it does for them to charge it, therefore we will not be held responsible for any resulting delays in receiving credit back from your bank. Your shipping total may also be adjusted to reflect the new lower weight of your package.

Import fees & limited international destinations
We try to ship everywhere in the world. However, some local and international post offices refuse certain shipments. Please check with your local post office for any importing/duty fees you may pay when receiving a package from us. We are in no way responsible for paying any import/duty fees you may incur. If you refuse a shipment due to duty fees you do not want to pay and your package gets returned to us, you will not be reimbursed for shipping fees. Any final decision is based solely on the discretion of Barnett H-D management.