The need for a Tofu Press

super-tofu-press-blue-bg-top-viewThere was a when the only people who experienced the benefits of tofu were vegetarians or people that were looking for an alternative to eating meat. That time has all but passed, because the benefits of tofu have reached far beyond those two communities. It has also been found on the dinner plates of every type of individual, regardless of what their dietary habits are. Tofu is made from soybean curd and is then pressed into tofu blocks. Because tofu originally comes from soymilk, this means the tofu blocks are high in moisture. To extract the moisture from these blocks you will use what’s called a tofu press.

Advantages of using a tofu press

Many people have become masters at creating tofu cuisine, and as a result have found that using a different texture of tofu can substantially improve the quality and taste of your dish. You will find that many tofu recipes do not require you to press your tofu; however, there are many more that do. As a result, the need for a tofu press is critical when making a dish that requires using either firm or pressed tofu. What many people may not be aware of is that pressing your tofu will allow you to marinate the tofu much better and thus enhance the flavor substantially. The other item of importance is that the liquid that is used for keeping your tofu moist will not be as tasty and should not be used in your preparation.

The best tofu press solution

At this point, you have an idea why it is so important to extract this liquid from your tofu before using it in your favorite dish. With that being said, pressing your tofu can be done quite easily using the Tofu Press. This will allow you to press tofu and get the required texture you are trying to achieve for any specific type of dish. Many people have struggled with the issue of pressing and draining their tofu for years, and as a result various versions of the tofu press have been developed. This process makes your life very easy because it allows you to place your tofu block in the tofu press, and apply the pressure that you desire to get the exact texture you’re looking for.

Tofu Press: How To

Now you have a way to press your tofu without making a mess, and you can extract all of the liquid making your tofu very easy to work with. The Tofu Press consists of two plastic plates and a sectional screw system with springs, which allows you to apply the proper tension and pressure at any given moment. Once you place your tofu in between the two plastic plates, you can use the screw down system to apply the adequate pressure needed to extract the liquid in your tofu, usually in 15 minutes. This process is very effective because it allows you to finish up your other food preparation requirements while your tofu is draining.

Once your tofu is drained you simply remove it from the Tofu Press and you now have your tofu at the desired texture. Cleanup is very simple for your Tofu Press only requiring warm soapy water. Because of the effectiveness of being able to press your tofu with the tofu press and then enhance the flavor, everyone can experience the health benefits that tofu has to offer while enjoying gourmet meals.

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